Encom Discover PA 2013 Download Links

Released March 2013

Encom Discover PA 2013
EXE file, 238MB

This file contains a full installation of Encom Discover PA Explorer, PA Professional and PA Viewer 2013, including documentation, tutorials and example data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release is available to all Encom PA users with valid Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS). Encom PA 12.0 users will receive a 20 day evaluation upon installing this version. An activation code must be requested for permanent use.

Encom Discover PA Viewer 2013
EXE file, 54.3MB

This file contains a full installation of the free Encom Discover PA Viewer 2013, including documentation.

Useful Information

The Quick Start Guide to installing, licensing and activating the product for both new and upgrading users.
(PDF file, 0.5MB)

The Release Notes for this product, summarising all new features and enhancements.
(PDF file, 0.4MB)

For trial licence requests, licensing and sales enquiries, contact natural.resources@pb.com

For technical support and product usage issues, contact software.support@pb.com

Archive Versions

Encom PA 12.0

Encom PA 12.0
EXE file, 276MB

Encom PA 11.0
Encom PA 11.0
EXE file, 293MB