pbEncom location intelligence solutions are specifically developed for the mining and exploration industry and can greatly increase utilisation of data, revealing possibilities previously mired in spreadsheets and graphs.


By tracking, modifying and analysing data about a portfolio of assets you can make better decisions about future management and investments in those assets. Confirm enables more effective maintenance, refurbishment, acquisition, disposal and day-to-day operation.

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Developed by practicing geoscientists and software engineers, Discover integrates data from multiple sources in a unified geospatial environment—providing specialists with leading-edge tools in a powerful, yet easy-to-use, framework. 

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Discover 3D

Transform two-dimensional GIS into a full 3D system. Fully integrated with Discover, it is designed to meet the needs of geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers, and petroleum engineers.

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Discover 3D Viewer

Share your Discover 3D environments with anyone with our free Discover 3D viewer. This free lightweight application (<40MB) gives the user the ability to visualise and fully interact with any pre-created Discover 3D session.

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Discover Mobile

The most powerful GIS for field capture and display, Discover Mobile makes it easier to capture field data on Windows mobile devices. Fully GPS-enabled, with a comprehensive set of object drawing tools, you can log samples, boundaries, and measurements right from the job site.

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Discover Web

Publish and share location-based information with stakeholders through an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use interactive web-based mapping solution.

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Discover Web 3D

Publish and share location-based information in 3D and online. A powerful solution to view and interrogate drillhole projects via any modern web browser.

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MapInfo Exponare

Exponare links the mine site to the head office and relevant corporate applications, enabling organisations to use intuitive, map based portals that can be configured to channel vast amounts of disparate data to internal and external users and stakeholders.

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MapInfo Professional

This powerful mapping and geographic analysis application helps mining and exploration professionals visualise the relationships between data and geography. MapInfo Professional helps business analysts, planners and even non-GIS users to gain new insights.

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MapInfo Spatial Server

MapInfo Spatial Server is an enterprise platform that enables location data integration with business, exploration and mine site data for faster, more concise business decision making across the organisation.

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MapInfo Stratus

MapInfo Stratus is Software as a Service (SaaS) based Web-mapping application that allows users to publish spatial and business data online. By providing access to location based information 24x7, organisations improve their efficiency and responsiveness.

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