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The leading desktop data visualisation and manipulation package

GPinfo combines a comprehensive database of Australasian petroleum exploration information with a powerful and easy to use graphical interface for viewing and manipulating data.

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GPinfo is the leading desktop data visualisation and manipulation software package. It is widely recognised as the most accurate, complete and up-to-date software for petroleum exploration information available.

GPinfo: the definitive source for petroleum data

GPinfo is the acclaimed desktop data visualisation and manipulation software solution for companies working in the petroleum industry

It combines a comprehensive database of petroleum exploration information with a powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface for viewing and manipulating data.

GPinfo data

Data in this desktop data visualisation and manipulation software includes:
  • All current petroleum, sequestration and geothermal permits with attributes including participants and percentage ownership, operator, expiry date and work commitments
  • All petroleum and geothermal wells drilled in the region (over 20,000) with attributes including location, operator, spud and rig release dates, result and status
  • Full company information including details of parent/subsidiary relationships and contact information for offices and key personnel
  • Oil and gas field boundaries, pipeline routes, map sheets, coastlines, state and offshore boundaries, bathymetry and major towns

History dataset - optional module

pbEncom’s long involvement in the industry as a provider of petroleum exploration data has led to the development of the GPinfo History module. This provides permit geometry and detailed permit ownership information going back to when the service began in 1991.

Accessible via GPinfo’s intuitive graphical interface, users are able to perform the following operations:

  • Generate a complete display of permits as they existed at any month since 1991
  • Click on a permit from the historical dataset and show the participants in that permit and their interests
  • Create queries that select specific historical permits
  • Show a timeline of the history of a permit to reveal when ownership changes and partial relinquishments/extensions occurred

Subscription service

GPinfo desktop data visualization and manipulation software is offered as a subscription service with data updates issued monthly. Regular software updates are provided as part of the service.

Subscribers have a variety of installation options, ranging from a standalone license on a single PC to a fully export-enabled system with the complete history datasets running on a corporate network with an unlimited number of users.

Data included in GPinfo desktop data visualisation and manipulation software

  • Permits - permit polygons for all current permits, participants and their percentage interests and work commitments.
  • Wells - all wells ever drilled in a region, location, operator, well type and result.
  • Companies - parent/subsidiary relationships, offices, key personnel and contact details.
  • Historical data - permit polygons and detailed ownership information by month from 1991 to date (optional module)
  • Other data - oil and gas field boundaries, pipelines, map sheets, coastlines and state and offshore boundaries.

GPinfo key features:

Key aspects of this desktop data visualisation and manipulation software include:
  • Graphical interface: view and interrogate wells, permit polygons, seismic lines and other graphical data via an on-screen map
  • Powerful query builder: create multiple, persistent queries and perform data selections that are dynamic
  • Hyperlinks: explore the relationship between wells, permits and companies using intuitive data hyperlinks
  • Data import: add your own data in any one of several industry standard formats such as SHP, MID/MIF and DXF
  • Large scale imagery: attach large scale, high resolution imagery in ER Mapper’s ECW format, either from a local source or via a web-based URL
  • Enhanced output: create reports, spreadsheets, maps and presentation quality graphics
  • Data export: additional modules are available for easy export of graphical data for use in third party software such as MapInfo Professional, Landmark, Petrosys, GeoQuest, AutoCad, KML, ArcView and ER Mapper